Have you ever heard of an imaginal cell? You know, the special cells in a caterpillar that contain the form of the butterfly to be? As the story goes, the caterpillar forms a chrysalis and turns to mush. The imaginal cells then connect, they broadcast their shared pattern, the rest of the cells reorganize, and a butterfly emerges.

If you are still reading this, perhaps you are one of those imaginal cells. You are holding a piece of the pattern for a thriving, regenerative human existence on planet Earth. You’ve been doing your best to make your part happen. You are on the path, and you’ve also realized, you don’t have ALL the answers. You can’t do it alone, and you know it. And you also know, with a little bit of the right support, you could do SO MUCH MORE!

Well, we don’t have any answers either, and we certainly can’t change the dominant worldview by ourselves. However, what we can do, is offer a safe space for us to figure it out together. With that in mind, Eric Reynolds and Robin Lincoln Wood invite you to an ongoing, exploratory series called Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Planet.

During each 90 minute webinar, we will receive a teaching form a leading luminary (starting with Robin), break out into smaller groups to incorporate the teachings, and a final group Q & A to bring it all back together. We don’t claim to have any answers, heck, we aren’t even sure what to ask.

What we do know is that each time we do it, we meet a new piece of the puzzle! If that sounds like fun, you can also join our Facebook group!